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  • The best part of a Yoga practice

    Practicing Yoga is a wonderful adventure. There are many styles that fit any person’s personality. There are also many ways for true yogis and yoginis to practice, from going to your local studio to practicing online. Breaking...

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  • You are “Here”: Sometimes the present is all you need

    Have you ever been lost at the mall, dragging your finger over one of those over-sized, fluorescent maps to find that magical “x” stating that you, in fact, are “here”? I’m a terrible shopper who gets easily...

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  • DIY: Letting Go

      My mind is blown every time I flow through a powerful yoga sequence. I always notice that I am able to move more freely and honor the Asana when I do not think so hard about...

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  • Yoga Society of Nashville Hosts ‘Yoga Fair’ March 2nd

    Local Yoga Educators Offer Full Day of Yoga and Music to Empower and Enlighten   NASHVILLE, Tenn. –  Local nonprofit, Yoga Society of Nashville, hosts a “Yoga Fair” on Saturday, March 2, 2013, from 9am until 6:30pm at...

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  • Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.28.31 PM
    RHI publishes first book “Wellness Matters”

    Radiant Health Institute Publishes First Book, ‘Wellness Matters’ Local Holistic Consortium Produces Self-Published Paperback and E-Book Based on Living Well     NASHVILLE, Tenn. – January 18, 2013 – Radiant Health Institute has published its first book entitled, “Wellness Matters”....

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  • Certain plants can remove toxins from the air! Find out which ones, here!

    Plants: Natural Air Purifiers. From the “adairyou2bhealthy” blog comes this fantastic information about plants that can really purify the air around you.  This article breaks down NASA’s & ALCA’s reports after a two year study.  Even Daisies...

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  • True Nourishment is in the Moment, Experience Breema Next Weekend.

    In a recent conversation with Katherine Correa, a friend and colleague in Nashville, I discovered I didn’t know how she became interested in Breema, a comprehensive system we both practice which includes bodywork and universal principles.  Asking...

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